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Ceejays Fine BBW Art is a site that's dedicated to the beauty of the Big Beautiful Woman. In this site I have captured the major curves and Beauty that only a BBW can have. I've used several programs and rendering techniques such as, PSP 7.04 and Animation Shop, Adobe Imageready, Photoshop, Illustrator. Corel Photo paint10 and Draw, Macromedia Flash and Freehand. I've also done images with the good old fashioned Pen & Ink, Pencils and Paint.

Shameful self promotion:
This site and everything on it was designed by Clifford (CEEJAY) Ash, designing eye catching websites is another one of my many passions. Having a great looking web site to compliment my art is a must. Websites, especially artist websites should be just as stunning as the artwork it represents. The Pitch: Looking for somebody that will take pride in the look of your website? Absolute Web Designs can give your art the type of presentation it deserves. If your looking for a plain, boring site with no thrills or frills then I'm not the guy for you, I can guarantee that you wont find a design service that will beat or match our price, contact me today and be blown away by my price at
Absolute Web Designs.


Fine BBW Art: Art that is of a collectors quality, mostly rendered in pen and ink, pencils and paint.
Erotic Art: BBW Art that is a little more risky, revealing and of a highly sexual nature, pin-ups and some humor.
Contact Information: Detailed Information on contacting the artist for print purchasing and/or Web Design Services.
Links: Links to other BBW Art Sites and Art related resources.
Free Gallery
: Are you looking for a place to display your BBW Art? I offer guest galleries for BBW Artist, "IT 'S FREE !" send me your artwork by E-Mail and I will set your gallery up right here at Ceejays Fine BBW Art, you retain all rights to your material, the more you send the better.

 Erotic Art update 4/24/03

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